It’s 1962. In order to escape Fidel Castro’s communist indoctrination, 13-year-old Elena and younger brother Manuel are sent alone to Miami, as part of Operation Pedro Pan. As unexpected circumstances pull them apart, they remain determined to stay together and beat the odds.



PEDRO PAN is a Florida State University short film.


Production Designer


A story about family, love and hope.

Official Selection at 20 film festivals across the country!



- Best Short-Length Screenplay at the John Paul II Int'l Film Festival

- Best Short Narrative at the Women and Minorities in Media Festival

- Best Student Film at Silver Springs International Film Festival

- Best Picture and Viewer's Choice in Young Adult competition at RE:IMAGE Film Festival

- Best Film at Cinevie Short Film Festival

- Best Student Film at Lady Filmmakers Film Festival

- 1st Runner Up, College Competition at Student Art Film Festival

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